Friday, April 27, 2012

animation fun...

"fun is good"
~dr. seuss~

Is there such a thing as too much photoshop fun??

Kim Klassen taught us how to make GIF animation.  It turns out that is really easy to do!  The time consuming part is taking all the photos...putting it together is a breeze! 
And it is all because of Kim's wonderful  and easy to understand videos. 
She definitely talks "my language"...
The second part of this week's lesson is how to make a diptych or triptych photo. 
It turns out that this is easy peasy too! 

A huge thank you to Kim for making the Beyond Layers class so enjoyable!

Until next time...


  1. Love these! I haven't tried the animation yet, yours is great. Love the diptych too, very creative.

  2. This is so lovely, what a great idea !
    Nice weekend,


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