Sunday, April 22, 2012

feed the poor...

"the Lord hears the cry of the poor..."
~psalm 34

Last Sunday we attended an wonderful benefit for the Society of St. Vincent dePaul.  This society is the oldest charity in Chicago dating back to the mid 1800s.  Their primary purpose is to serve those in need.  Today they have over 2,000 volunteers that bring "hope, help and compassion to the most vulnerable in our society".  They are able to help nearly a half-million people with food, shelter, clothing and other needs. 

The event was held at Drury Lane in Oakbrook Illinois.  The champagne brunch was enormous, overflowing with all kinds of delicious food. We ate like there was no tomorrow!  The entertainment that afternoon was Padres on Parade...a group of talented pastors from parishes within the Archdiocese.  Their gifts were amazing...each and everyone of them had wonderful talent!

And of coarse there was the silent auction tables.  They were loaded down with all kinds of goodies to be bid on.  We were fortunate to "win" a huge arrangement of orchids.  When i got them home, i separated them and now have them scattered around my house.  Their colour is so vibrant, that they really light up each room.  Now my challenge is to keep them alive and well!! 

We were so honored to be invited to this worthy benefit and had a wonderful time! 
We all hinted to my dear brother~in~law, that if he wanted to invite us again next year, we sure would not say no!!   

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  1. I have been to events at Drury Lane and they are always wonderful. How fun that you bid and won the orchids, they are just gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog, maybe we will run into each other one of these days.


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