Wednesday, May 9, 2012

honouring life's light...

"turn your face to the light
and the shadows fall behind you"
~adapted from Maori Proverb

Our challenge this week in Kim Klassen's beyond layers class, is to photograph the things that continuously shine bright in our lives. 
What a wonderful remind ourselves to slow down and enjoy the things that just make our heart sing each day.

Jake is definitely at the top of my list of brightness in our lives.
He is now almost 16 months old and is leaving his puppy stage and growing into a great teenager! 

 He is the one that
 enthusiastically greets us at the door,
snuggles with us when we go to bed each night,
gives us those wonderful puppy kisses,
plays and plays and plays with such happiness,
and trains with such determination!

Jake has worked his way into our hearts and has become a true member of our family. He loves us no matter what... he is the shining light of our days!
Thank you so much Kim, for helping me to honour our dear doodlebug and reminding me to see "the light" each and everyday!

Until next time...


  1. he is oh so sweet...I can see why he is your light...I have a big old golden retriever...he is my light too...

  2. Such a precious little face. I can see why he's one of your life lights.


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