Thursday, May 3, 2012

let the good times roll...

You know those days that just everything goes right?  They do not have to be days where spectacular things winning the lottery, getting that well deserved promotion, or completing that marathon that you have been training for. 
Just ordinary days where good things happen. 

I had one of those days recently. 
I received my first copy of a new magazine, Kinfolk. 
The minute i opened the package, i just knew that this was going to be my favorite! 
Each night i read one article, and bingo, it carries me away to my "happy place"!
This is one magazine that will never find its way to the recycle bin!
I am linking this photo up to my wonderful beyond layers class.  Kim Klassen's assignment this week is book review.  I can not wait to see everyone's favs!

Then I went to the opthomologist to have them replace an arm on my new glasses.  My dear puppy, got hold of them....   The main damage was to the arm, but there was also some little chewy spots on my $800 lenses!  I took a deep breathe and headed into the office with my visa card in hand.  This wonderful woman took one look at my glasses and told me that they were under warranty....a whole new pair at no cost! 
Talk about a great day...i was on a roll!

When i got home there was a wonderful tutorial in my mailbox on how to make a colour palette in photoshop...something i have admired but had no idea how to make.  I got right on my computer and within minutes i had created this photo!  Using the magic of the colour picker and layers, this colour palette was born!
I was definitely in my zone that day!  Every little thing was going my way.

But then it happened... 

The very next evening i got up from the computer and stubbed my toe on the chair.  I must have hit it in just the wrong way and the pain took my breath away.  I knew right away that it was more than just a stubbed toe.  The next morning the doctor confirmed my fear...a broken little pinkie toe.  Turns out it is a spiral fracture, i have been warned to be very careful because it just might break more!  So now i find myself in alot of pain, hobbling on my crutches and wearing a lovely new boot. 

  Because i can not get out too much right now, i photographed my crutche  for Tracey's first prompt in her brand new black and white photography class!
Hey...a girl's got to do what she has to do!

I have learned over the years that when the bad times happen...and they will...just to take a deep breathe and carry on.  Maybe i will be a little slower now, but that is okay. 

until next time...


  1. Oh Nancy! I'm so sorry to hear about your fracture! Do take care! Now I just have to say I love your photos and the black and white with the crutches is absolutely stunning!! I KNEW I should've taken that class!!

  2. oh Nancy.... oh dear...sending you healing thoughts..... 'sigh'...... such lovely photos... I'm so in LOVE with Kinfolk magazine.... just the feel of it makes me happy.
    and you made your crutches into art..... :)

    hugs to you... xo

  3. Nancy -- so sorry to hear about your accident, but it sounds like you still seeing the Gifts even in the pain. When I met my Edster four years ago, he was on crutches with a spacer in his knee joint due to infection (long story resulting in 14 surgeries from just an ACL tear) and was on them for six months -- not even certain if we would be able to keep his leg. How could I not fall in love with a man who changed my brakes while on crutches???? So, four years later, we are married and he has a second knee replacement (but still tons of neuropathic pain) and kept his leg, but those crutches are a cherished possession of ours...trophies of endurance and God's grace. Thank you for inspiring me today!

  4. Before I even clicked on your link I had planned to photograph Kinfolk for this prompt:) It's what I'm reading and being inspired by now too...and I read it one article a day like you:) I have been getting them since issue one and they have only improved.

  5. So sorry about your toe, hope it gets better soon...and take care in the meantime. Love your image of Kinfolk, I keep reading about how amazing it is, I'm definitely going to have to check it out. Love your b&w shot too.

  6. Oh goodness Nancy = I saw your photo and the crutches-- eeek! They still look pretty good in B&W!! :) Hope you are not in too much pain! Great to see you here again-- I am late in getting started but love all the images I am seeing. My doodles are going for haircuts tomorrow-- YAY! I love it when they smell all fresh and are all soft! My therapy dog - the big doodle is just such a joy. She is having so much fun at the nursing home - and It's a real blessing! I need to do like you and take my little doodle for training-- she is a maniac!!
    I'll be excited to keep watch on your work-- Thanks for the note!!!


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