Saturday, May 19, 2012

we got flamingoed...

 We got flamingoed today!

You can only imagine our surprise when we looked out our front windows
 and saw
a dozen pink flamingos decorating our yard!
Right away we figured that these cuties were delivered to the wrong home...they must have made a mistake!
But oh no...they were for us!
They are ours for four whole days!

Lucky us!!

And you will never guess who sent them.

My mother!
My sweet, dear, loving, 85 year old mother.

But then we found out that it is a fundraiser for the youth fellowship at her church.  For a mere $10.00 donation, you can send these lovelies to surprise someone.
Once we realized that it was for a great cause, we all had a good laugh!

My black and white assignment for today was to capture shadows.  So i figured i would put these flamingos to good use!

Hope you all find some little surprise that brightens your day!

Until next time...

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  1. So funny to get flamingoed! I've seen it happen to others though. Great b/w idea.


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