Tuesday, June 26, 2012

everyone loves a parade...

Sunday was the 63rd annual Swedish Day Parade in my hometown.  
The weather was perfect and the crowds were excited for the big parade.
Everyone had a a look of wonder in their eyes...the old and young alike!
Yes...everyone does love a parade!

Clowns were everywhere bringing with them huge smiles!

There were many bands and colorful drill teams marching down the parade route playing their patriotic songs!

Then came Uncle Sam on stilts and the men in kilts!

And the crowd pleaser...the Wacky Wheel!
Between the energy of the spectators and the folks in the parade,
you could not help but have a great time!

"it isn't much good having anything exciting like a parade,
if you can't share them with somebody"
~adapted from Winnie~the~Pooh~

Until next time...

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  1. Wow fabulous colours and it looks as if everyone had a great time. I'm from the BTS class with Kim and Xanthe just popping in to say hello from the U.K.


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