Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sweet sweet paul...

It is summertime! 
 The weather here is hot, hot, hot!  
Temps are well up into the 90's and the sun is beating down!

We are all searching for ways to cool off and enjoy summer activities.

My "go to"  place is dear Sweet Paul.  His new  summer e~magazine just came out and
it is loaded with wonderful
summertime ideas!

How about a summer picnic?  
He has lots of great recipes to try and some wonderful ideas to make this summer time favorite super special.

Or how about making a Mexican Paleta?
Sweet Paul has several flavored recipes of this Mexican
 cool down treat!

The summer flowers are showing off all their colours!
Drying them lets us keep their beauty alive in those wintry months when we all need a reminder of these summer days.

Sweet Paul has loaded up his latest e~magazine with all kinds of summertime recipes, crafts, and lifestyle ideas for you to jump start your summer fun!
His magazine is my kind of "eye~candy".

And the good news is that you can see his e~magazine right here
 Or if you are like me, and want a printed copy of your own that you can enjoy, be sure to pay a visit to  your local Anthropologie store. 

Keep cool this summer and be sure to try out some of 
Sweet Paul's wonderful ideas!

Until next time...

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  1. Great post Nancy! Beautifully put together. I want to try some of those Paletas...never heard of them before. Now if you could just send a little bit of your soaring temps to us in Dublin (Ireland) that would be great :)


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