Saturday, June 2, 2012

photo~heart connection...

"sometimes we strive so hard for perfection that we forget that imperfection is happiness"
~karen nave~

It is the first of June and time for another photo~heart connection.
I looked over all the photos i had taken in May and narrowed my choice down to two. 
 In the end this photo won out.

My idea of a perfect day is cool temps, sunny skies, big puffy white clouds
and time to take a walk with my doodlebug and my camera.
Yesterday was just that day!

I was photographing roses at a local park along a beautiful meandering river. 
The flowers and light was just perfect for taking photos. 
 As i was clicking away, i noticed that this rose had an "ugly" dead bloom
 right near the center of the picture. 
 My first instinct was to break off the brown stem and retake the photo. 

But as i looked closely, i found myself liking that dead brown spent bloom.
 It reminds me that life is not perfect. 
 In fact we should not even strive for that "perfect" life;
 if we do, we may never find that peace and contentment within.
We will always be searching for something that does not exsist.

I am linking this photo and blog up to Kat Sloma's Photo Heart Connection. 
I love how she challanges us to look deeper within our photos and
 try to establish a heartfelt connection. 
Be sure to click here to see everyone's photos or
click on the Photo Heart Connection button on my side bar!

 i am sure you will be inspired  to pick up your camera and shoot!

Until next time...


  1. I love that you left the dead bloom, we are all beautiful even with our imperfections.

  2. i found your words a comforting reminder that perfectionism ends in looking for something that does not exist.

  3. Hi Nancy, I like the reality of this picture and how the life cycle of these beautiful roses can be seen in that little new bud yet to open, the full-blown roses and that tiny brown spent bloom. In fact, it is playing its role quite perfectly! I like the way its message reached you and that you have spoken about it here!

  4. Your words are so powerful and engaging. Thanks for sharing the story that touched your heart with this picture. Beautiful!

  5. So many things come out for me in your post... but the thing I notice most is how I never even saw the dead bloom until you mentioned it. I was captivated by that lovely light dancing on the blooms! I think that's another point to make about perfection... we often see the imperfections that others don't even notice. Thank you for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection, it's made a heart connection for me too!

  6. I like the quote you included at the beginning of this post, and your words about how you chose to leave this image as it is. Such a great lesson for all of us.

  7. I like your photo, and for me I didn't notice it as a dead bud but as a normal bud. I like your words to.

  8. Fantastic photo-heart connection... perfection is a deception and don´t lead us to joy, thanks for sharing

  9. Lovely image - and I'm like Kat, didn't notice the dead bloom until it was pointed out! Loved reading your thoughts and connection to the photo too.

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  11. Nice photo love Rick

  12. Too often we attempt to make it "better." I will photoshop some crumbs off my grand's face, but always on a duplicate image. I love those crumbs and the beautiful messy face. Beautiful photo and beautiful post.

  13. I love the thoughts of accepting the imperfections of life and also of ourselves! So many times we think everything has to be perfect! Beautiful reminder!

  14. You captured this perfectly and your quote is one I should tape everywhere in my house. Life is in no way perfect and trying to make it so is an exercise in futility. As for the brown stem, I didn't notice it at all, only seeing the beauty.

  15. Wonderful capture... I didn't really even notice the "imperfection", for it's beauty far surpasses it's blemish!


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