Wednesday, June 6, 2012

take a leap week...

of a
thousand miles
begins at the spot
under one's feet

~a Chinese proverb~

I am having such a wonderful time with my e~classes this summer. 
Blogging Your Way 2.0 is lead by Holly Becker, author of Decorate and creator of the number 1 design blog.  The class is filled with guest teachers, videos, podcasts, forums and total inspiration!   She is encouraging us to keep moving forward, not give up on our blog ...just take one step at a time.  My head is already swimming with new ideas! 
...did you see my new blog header?  i have been wanting and wishing for one for over a year i did it!!

My Beyond Layers class, taught by Kim Klassen, is encouraging us to take a leap this week.  Magic often happens just outside our safe and comfortable zone.
I always say that a good day for me is when nothing exciting happens, just calmness. 
 I still believe that is true, but sometimes Kim is right, i do need to take a leap.

This week i took a huge leap by starting a massive landscaping project in our front and side yard.  It is so easy to keep the plants the way they are, but everything is almost thirty years old now and it is time for that new updated look.

But with change, comes stress...
did we choose the right plants?
what about the colour of the brick?
 is the landscape design right?
what about the side wall, is it too tall? too long? too curvy?
are the plants getting enough sun? are they getting too much sun?
to say nothing about all the extra watering i need to do,
in order to keep all these beauties alive!

But i took the leap!
 Each day i need to keep reminding myself to take small steps;
i am confident that the end result will give us years of beauty!

These darlings were planted in my new "healing garden". 
( I do have to wonder that the term 'healing garden' is just a fancy way of the landscape designer charging us more!)
But it does heal my soul being able to step outside my side door in the early morning and have fresh cut flowers to enjoy!  How cool is that!!

I need  to show you just one more new flower... introducing the Golden Spiderwort.
Such a peculiar name for such a beautiful flower.
Each morning it opens up when the sun rises and closes in the evening.
It looks so beautiful with the early morning bokeh...sigh

I am linking my tiny spiderwort up to
Flower Art Friday
This or That Thursday

My hydrangeas are overflowing with new huge heads. I must have hundreds of flowers on these bushes! 
They even planted a hydrangea tree in a bed right outside my kitchen window...can't wait to see that beauty in bloom!

So i guess that both Holly and Kim are right...take a leap, move forward and magic can happen!

Until next time...


  1. Nancy your garden is beautiful, your new header is gorgous, and the purple spiderwort is awesome! You are having one exciting week! Good luck with all the new changes, on your blog and in your garden!

  2. Very beautiful post. Congratulations on taking the leap with the new garden and the new header . . . it has a very peaceful, calming feel to it. Lovely little spiderwort. Visiting from Flower Art Friday.

  3. Keep going! You'll be pleased when it's all done I'm sure, you have some beautiful flowers there :)

  4. Oh, I want to get some hydrangeas planted! All these are so beautiful. I'm having garden envy. :) Thanks for sharing it with us at Flower Art Friday!

  5. It sounds absolutely heavenly Nancy. Do continue sharing photos! If I can't see them in person, I can come here, close my eyes and dream. A girl can dream, can't I? LOL

  6. Your new header is really lovely. Congratulations on taking that giant leap, I would love to do something with my landscaping, like yours it is 30 years old and definitely needs seem updating. Your lovely flowers must be heavenly in the early morning light.

  7. I believe every garden is a "healing garden"! Flowers can do wonders in healing the soul. And landscaping is hard you'll need some kind of healing when it's all finished!

  8. Lovely shot of the Spiderwort. I recently learned that is what they are called. I've been calling mine (Trillium) for years now but someone pointed out to me the actual plant name.

  9. Great job on the gradient tutorial by Kim. I love that you are trying to stretch yourself with the blog...I am in the same position:)
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos


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