Sunday, July 29, 2012

instagram love...

"you do not take a photograph, you make it"
~ansel adams~

Our Beyond Layers assignment was to have fun with instagram this week. 
 Is there such a thing as too much fun?
I don't think so! 
I downloaded this app a long time ago, but really never used it much...until now!
Instagram lets you take photos with your iphone, apply amazing filters and blur.  The photos save into your own instagram account that others can see and even comment on...
kind of like facebook, but with photos!
How cool is that?

This week we were on a scavenger hunt.

Monday ~ something pretty
sunflowers for sure
Tuesday ~ something blue
the lovely statue surrounded by vases
Thursday ~ water
a fountain for the birds
Friday ~ something dreamy
a beautiful vignette gets me every time!

Now i know what you are thinking...
what happened to Wednesday?  
Well, i am saving the best for last.  
My son and daughter~in~law are "down under" in Australia.  
He had an opportunity to give a talk at the neuroscience convention in Sydney 
and at a world renowned hospital in Brisbane. 
Now his work is done and they are having a blast exploring this amazing country.  
They send me photos of their journey everyday guessed it... instagram!

Wednesday ~ something borrowed
borrowed instagram photos of the Sydney beaches ... sigh...

If anyone wants to "follow me" on instagram, just look for nancyjean12.  
Let me know where i can find you and we can be instant instagram friends! 

until next time...


  1. You've convinced me, I want to take the Beyond Layers class! You're pictures are great - I like how you cropped the corners!

  2. Nancy...this is SO crazy. We are spending all this time in Photoshop creating these looks, that take forever to do...and you are able to do this in just a few seconds. How nuts is that? I love what you are doing...I NEED INSTAGRAM:)
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  3. Nancy Jean I will follow you if I remember how to follow.

  4. This instagram thing keeps getting dangled in front of me like a carrot. Pretty soon I am going to take a bite:)

  5. instagram is way too much fun! and pair it up with PicFrame and you have a winning combo! It is amazing to me that i can take a photo, process it, collage it, save it, and post it to facebook all while i am miles away from my computer! However, my true love is still my big girl camera!

  6. loving this, I use a different collage app but I'll check this one out.

  7. oh wow, my instagrams never turn out this bright and colorful. great layout and of course i love the one of the water... sigh.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, Nancy Jean! I replied to your comment, but I'm not sure if the reply is sent to the person who commented :-/

    LOL, you sound like I did last year when I took Kim's Skinny-mini and Essentials classes~~it was SO much fun!!! You're ahead of me with Instagram, because I don't have a Smart Phone at all :-( I'm hoping to get an iPhone next year, because I'm so envious of everyone who has one :-)

    I especially love your triptych of the beaches in Sydney!!!

  9. Hi Nancy,
    Instagram is so so much fun :)
    I will follow you straight away :)

  10. You have a real talent for combining photos and creating visual poetry.


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