Wednesday, July 11, 2012

let the good times roll...

Kim and Xanthe's Reflection of You  lesson suggested we go for a photowalk last weekend.  
hmm...i had my camera at my side, but where to go?  
I could always go visit the gardens in my area that i adore, but i was looking for some fun action...something new ... something exciting.  

It turns out that I did not have to look very far.  My hometown was hosting the International Cycling Classic, the Super Week Pro Tour.
This race is the oldest and longest running multi category cycling race in the world...
and here it was in my own back yard!
We had our own "tour de Geneva"!

My hubby is an avid cycler...on weekends he rides at least 20 miles each morning.
So i had no problem convincing him to join me!

There was tons of action and all the colours!  It was so exciting!
The races continued all day.  
I had found my fun and excitement...and as a bonus alot of spandex too!  wink, wink!
I took tons of shots of the action,  but after awhile i found myself wandering around taking more close was all just super fun!  I used my long lens so i could sneak in the shots
without getting in their way. I was able to get great DOF that way also!!

I just knew that Kim and Xanthe would have some fun ideas for displaying our photos.
They sure did not disappoint!
Thank you again to our fearless leaders!

There were hundred of cyclist at the event, with every type of bike imaginable.
But here is my favorite of the cute, so vintage, so me!
"life is like a bicycle,
to keep your balance you must keep moving"
~albert einstein~

Until next time...


  1. Nancy this is great. The photo display is good and I love the writing.

  2. I agree, this is really great, love your shots and what fun to have this on your doorstep

  3. Awesome job on the collage and I really like the way you captured all the interesting little details of the bikes. Great job!!

  4. Major love on your collage...great photography too!!! So we are both Midwestern girls. I grew up almost my whole life in northern Indiana.

  5. Once again ... another great blog and the pics are awesome!
    See you tomorrow at The Fresh Market!

  6. I love the collage also. Wonderful photogrpahy of your time out.
    So glad you stopped by .Thanks.

  7. Love the collage and the quote from Albert Einstein!

  8. Love your collage with the transparent accent dots. Nice job. It's fun to see what we can see, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by. Don't give me so much credit for being caught up! I'm skipping around and have not done some of the lessons. Great illusion, ey?


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