Saturday, August 18, 2012

5 fact FridaY...

Oh my goodness...where has the week gone?  It is time again for fun fact FridaY and i can not believe that i actually have this post up and ready!  I know that it is really Saturday, but things have been a little bit hectic around here to say the least.

Each week we can post 5 fun things about ourselves...a way to get to know each other alittle better....
sharing a part of ourselves!  How fun is that?

I love my doodlebug...
Jake is our one year old toy goldendoodle.  After our two darling shelties passed, my hubby said "no more doggies"...but then when my son and daughter~in~law got a new little frenchie, hubby's heart melted and Jake came into our lives.

I live in the midwest...
i grew up in the east coast and just loved it there.  I came out to the midwest for just one 35 i am.  The funny thing is that i love beaches and the water....but here i am so far away from the thing i love....hmmmm

 i love taking walks...
some days i even get to take two.  The Japanese Gardens is just a hop, skip and a jump from my home...lucky me!

I have been helping my mother move...
We packed 85 years of treasures in just 4 weeks. She closed on her home yesterday but does not move into her new home for two i guess you could say she is homeless.  She moved in with us for the time being and we just love having her.  I want her to feel that our home is her home....oh, is!  The home we live in now and just adore used to be my mom's!!  How cool is that?

I got to visit the healing gardens last weekend...
i have been wanting to go for over one year, and i finally got there.  It was an afternoon of beauty and quiet reflection...sigh

So here it is...another 5 fun facts about me.  I hope you enjoyed reading them...i know that i sure enjoyed sharing them with you!  Now i can't wait to hop on over and read alittle bit about each of you.  Just click on the 5 Fact FridaY banner and it will zip you right to everyone.

Until next time...


  1. A lovely set of restful images. Love reading your facts and seeing a little insight into your life!

  2. Your Jake is so cute! I have two aussiedoodles, so I love all those doodle mixes!

  3. Love your 5 facts and your images. Storyboard layout is awesome! Did you do that in Lightroom?

    1. hi Carol...i love using Katrina's Pugly Pixel's layouts. She is a blog designer with a great blog...she taught in Holly Becker's eclass earlier this year...
      here is the link to her blog...enjoy

  4. Hi, Nancy Jean! I remember you from our classes together! Wonderful job on the 5 Facts. I'd love to know the answer to Carol's question, too! I've bookmarked your site so I can visit more often.

    Thanks for stopping by Camper!


    1. Hi Dotti...i posted on FB the info about where to get the layouts...hope you enjoy them! here is the site... enjoy!

  5. I enjoyed learning more about you with the 5 facts.

  6. Beautifully presented!! Off to check out puglypixel. Thanks for the link

  7. Great photos. The best thing about the mid-west for me is the water and beaches, but we live only 1 mile from Lake Michigan, so a little spoiled. Jake is adorable. We have two goldens.

  8. oh my, look at that sweet furry face! Jake is soooo adorable. ;->

  9. Japanese Gardens? Oh my! I wish I had one over here! Guess it is just not the right climate here in Barcelona. Would love to see more pics!


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