Friday, August 24, 2012

5 fact fridaY...Pieces of me...

Oh is Friday did that happen??
This was my quiet week.  A week to refresh and regroup. 
And still the week flew by!

My favorite instructors, dear Kim Klassen and Xanthe Berkley sent us on a photo scavenger hunt this week...Pieces of Me.
Each day we were given two prompts...a total of ten.
Well, i got half of them finished...not too bad, right?
But this gave me a chance to turn the hunt into 5 facts FridaY...
killing two birds with one stone.

Each week we post 5 things about ourselves...a way to get to know each other alittle better...
sharing a part of ourselves...How awesome is that?

Last fall we started a major landscape project on our front was completed this spring...right before our terrible hot dry summer..the summer where we broke all kinds of records.  I managed to rack up the world's biggest water bill...but i kept each and every plant alive!
In addition to all the wonderful flower beds, the landscapers also laid down a stunning new walk and front porch with Virginia Blue Stone....
so dreamy and beautiful...sigh...

This is where i go every morning and evening to favorite chair.  
Sometimes i will be having a cup of joe or reading the latest novel or knitting...anything i do out on my back porch always puts me in my happy place.

My favorite morning drink...some days it is a necessity!

My post box at our small hometown post office is just so vintage...i just love the look. 
But there is bad news... they are tearing it down in favor of a brand new building with the ugliest boxes ever...booo...
I used the fisheye lens of my new Olloclip to take new fav toy!

"for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go"
~joshua 1:9~

My new journal that i am in love with...full of wonderful inspirational quotes.  
Have you ever had a journal that you just love so much that you are afraid to write in it?  
I know that sounds nuts...but...

Well...i hope that you had a little fun reading more little snippets about me.  I can not wait to learn alittle bit more about you too!  Just click on the banner above and it will take you on over to this fun linky party...see you there!

Until next time...


  1. Wow Nancy love your door and chair how beautiful and why oh why do the powers that be insist on modernising, perhaps you could buy your box and have it at home.

    1. Hi Viv...i love your idea about buying my postbox! need to check on that...

    2. Nancy ... You have the ability to make simple things in life so special ... I see it in the way you your writings... and most important in the way you interact with Michele ... you are such a blessing and I am glad to be your friend!

    3. awww...MaryJane, thank you for your beautiful means alot to me

  2. Your post is just lovely, with those serene photos to enjoy...That post box is pure gorgeousness!

  3. oh this is just wonderful Nancy... adore your post box shot with the olloclip... we have to go to the mail as well.... but ours are not nearly so pretty. :)
    i know exactly what you mean about pretty journals.... what a lovely one it is..... i struggle with writing in them too...... :)
    adore your favorite chair....

    everything is so lovely! thanks for playing 5 facts....


  4. Lovely post and beautiful images. Using the fish eye for the mailbox clip was brilliant! Cheers!

  5. Nancy,
    Your photos are beautiful and I do feel that I "got to know you better" with your 5 facts! Lovely!

  6. LOVE your chair. I think if I sat in there, I'd never want to get out

  7. Beautiful photos and beautifully presented!! Happy Friday!!

  8. NancyJean,
    I love, love, love your front door and walkway. I think I would sit out there to meditate each morning.

  9. would love to be relaxing on your front porch! It looks so pretty!

  10. Love the vintage postbox. We had those in our old post office too. All things modern are not that exciting. I love the old stuff.

  11. I love everything about this post Nancy Jean! I want to sit on your chair, drink Panera coffee and stare at your door.

  12. Love your 5 facts, beautifully presented !
    And yes, I also have journals too beautiful to write in it :-)
    Nice weekend,

  13. Great front porch. I am sure it will be wonderful in the fall...

  14. I love your post - the images are simply beautiful . I too had the week off work and time flew by far too fast.

  15. Beautiful chair , and porch. Loved the photos.

  16. Your photos are so elegant! and so is your blog!

  17. Thanks for your lovely comment on my guest post, Nancy Jean !
    Nice evening,


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