Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the best lens ever...

I am just bursting to tell you about new toy! 
The Olloclip...the best thing ever for your iphone!
The Olloclip is a 3~in~one lens system for the iPhone 4S and 4...this is so small it fits in your pocket! 
Click here to check it out.
My hubby just bought me one for my birthday...what a great gift!

The Olloclip can capture the image you want...
macro, wide~angle and even fish eye!
These lens just fit right over the iPhone lens...put it on one way and it is a fish~eye...
flip it over and you have the wide~angle and cool is that?

The macro lens applies about a 10X multiplier and allows you to get within 12mm of your subject!  My only problem is learning how to take the shot without any shake of my hand...i still need alot of practice!  So to get the detail sharp, i upload it into photoshop and use the RadLab sharpening every time!

The wide angle is super for those distant views you need to capture.  Unfortunately i have not been anywhere lately that have those wide sweeping views...but my son and daughter~in~law have been "down under" capturing the awesome views with their Olloclip.  To think this photo came from an iPhone is just amazing!

And finally the super fun fisheye lens.  Need i say more?
ps...we gave our son and daughter~in~law an anniversary gift to walk the bridge climb at Sydney's harbor...unfortunately no olloclip photos up there.  They could not bring anything up with them...she even had to take out a bobby pin from her hair!  But you can see some photos of the amazing climb here.

I know by now you are thinking that i am a blogging ad for the Olloclip...
but seriously it is one of those "must haves"!

Until next time...


  1. Mine just arrived today and I can't wait to play! Love all your shots!

  2. I have the version from Photojojo...and love it too! So fun!

  3. Looks interesting...I need to get use to my iPhone first then maybe...

  4. Wow, looks great. Now I just need an IPhone.

  5. What a fun toy!! Wishing I had an Iphone now. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You should sign up for Life Book next year. You really don't need any art experience, just learn as you go.


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