Sunday, September 23, 2012

gratitude...the 9.23.12 edition...

I have been thinking alot about things going on in my life...really thinking and reflecting. 
so.... i decided each week to write about something i am grateful for.
Some weeks it might be a biggie and other weeks it might be seemingly small...
but big or small it is important for me to give thanks.

Have you ever had a person that walked into your life and had a profound effect?
This type of person does not come along every day or even every year....
just once in awhile they walk in and change a life.  

I am so grateful to meet that special someone this summer...Amy.  
Just by chance a friend told me that Amy was starting up a club for special needs young adults.  
As my daughter was looking for some meaningful activities, i decided to give her a call.
From that point forward, my daughter's life changed for the better.

Dear Amy started up a walking/yoga club and a garden club.
One day a week, the kids got great exercise and visited our local forest preserves and another day they planted and tended a garden.  Then they sold their veggies at a local farmers market.
But then Amy took one huge step more...
she discovered that my daughter did not have a job.
  So Amy she decided that she would give her one! 
 She is having my daughter work in her special needs classroom during the school year. 
 Now mind you, dear Amy does not really need the help...
Michelle loves her new found job!
Amy gave my daughter a purpose...meaning to her days.

Amy is that special person that came into our life and made such a positive change.

Amy...we are so grateful...

"when someone special walks into your life and is able to change things for the better,
don't ever let them walk away..."

Until next time...


  1. Amy sounds like a really special person... Such a lovely idea Nancy ....

  2. What a wonderful connection that Amy and Michelle have.

  3. Thanks for sharing such a special story.


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