Wednesday, October 24, 2012

friendship and the exchange...

Those of you who have been reading my blog now know that i am a 
e~class junkie.  I admit it ... i am addicted!

But i have my very good reasons why i can not stop myself from pushing that sign up button and authorizing my paypal account!

my desire for knowledge
my need to get better behind my big girl camera
my  obsession with photoshop
my commitment to my latest challenge...lightroom
my fondness of textures
my love of blogging

But i think the ONE biggest reason i sign up is 
my love of connection of like minded people...
you know... those people that "get you"
the people that are in it for the same reasons....
to grow and form bonds and share talents.

Recently a joined a wonderful facebook group...
groupies of Kim Klassen.  
This group of photographers was formed out of a love of the many 
wonderful e~classes taught by Kim. 
 Our group shares blogs, successes, ideas,  photography.  But most important we support each other... 
a close knit community that connects.

Recently one of the members had a idea for a post exchange.  
It has been so fun.  I am a big lover of snail mail and i knew this was going to be great!
I have received posts from the States, Canada and Europe.  And each time one arrives it brings along with it a big smile that sure brightens my day.  
I have them displayed on my desk next to my computer. 
 Each post is so unique and special...
It is so fun to know where these came from and the connections that we have made!

So when another e~class pops up that catches my eye,
you can bet that i am sure going to hit that sign up button and enjoy the journey!

Until next time...


  1. I am with you on the ecourse hobby!! I agree with all the reasons you stated especially the learning something new and the connecting with like minded people!

  2. I feel the same way. Great post Nancy.

  3. Oh yes I'm having to stop myself from signing up for anymore I wonder if Kim will have any new classes in 2013...

  4. I love e-classes. It is a matter of money for me. But do tell what your next e-class is. I want to try to go where you guys go. My next eclass starts on Nov. 1. it is a journal writing class, but I am hoping to use it for blogging.

  5. Great post, Nancy! Yes, I would also like to know about classes you take. I am sure others in our group have some class experiences they could share.

  6. This is the best group ever! I don't think I would have grown creatively so much in such a short amount of time without all of you :)

  7. Might have been the best whim I ever had! Thinking back to Cathy's blog post about being yourself...I don't often mesh with groups of women. I thought it was me...I was too complicated "to get." Then from Behind the Scenes there was much discussion about connections. It was hard for me to find "community" in the Gathering Room...I saw names but they all ran together. I wanted FACES...and thought I would start the Groupies FB page but the group would either fly or flop...depending on the members. And WHAT A GROUP YOU ARE! And I figured out...the issue isn't me...I just needed to find kindred spirits...and I did...a whole bunch of 'em! My postcards are upon my bulleting board over my desk at work, as well, Nancy! xo

    1. hi Denise...i am so glad you had that "whim"! such a wonderful supportive group was born!

  8. You just captured my beautifully written. I am with you on finding the next eclass!! Lovin the Decor 8 for now. How are you feeling?

  9. This is so great, Nancy! I am one of those e-course junkies too for sure. So glad I met you along the way!


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