Thursday, October 25, 2012

boo...a little Halloween Moodboard...

It is that time of the year once again... Halloween!

  I just love this holiday....
cute trick~or~treaters, spooktacular decorations, brisk weather, warm colours, cozy woolens and my favorite jeans.

But it is also the beginning the celebrations. 
Halloween...Thanksgiving...Christmas...New Years
Once Halloween comes, i just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

So when Holly Becker challenged us to make a mood board, 
i knew right away where i was headed with this project.

A Halloween Moodboard!

I had such fun digging through my vintage treasures!

I love the empherema, but too often i find that i keep it stashed away...
almost afraid to use them in projects. 
But i knew it was time to get them out, dust off those cobwebs and put them to good use!
Hope you enjoy!

a close up view...if you dare!

"double, double, toil and trouble;
fire burn and cauldron bubble"
~william shakespeare~

Until next time...



  1. Very nice my clever and creative friend!

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  3. A mood board, hmmmm... I may have to add this to my ever growing list.

  4. How fun! I just returned from a trip to Archiver's, a scrapbook store about 20 miles away from me. They had so many little doodads of Fall and the holidays that I went a bit crazy. :)


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