Sunday, February 3, 2013

it's all about the f~stop...

This week's Beyond lesson is all about the fabulous f~stop.  This magical feature allows for some real creativity behind the allows you to capture those dreamy images.  The lower the number of your f~stop...the more blur to your image.  The higher the number of your f~stop...the more sharpness to your image.  In the manual mode you can choose your focal point, choose your f~stop, adjust your exposure and click!  I used f~5.6  in the photo above.

The dreamier the better?  Not always....  

Sometimes the lowest f~stops give too much of a blur that make the colours go mushy and  you might have a difficult time focusing because the focal plane is sooo narrow....everything seems just alittle too much out of focus.  Here is the same shot using f~2.5

And if the f~stop goes too loose the that magic.  F~10.0

As you increase your f~stop, your opening gets smaller...thus allowing less light into your camera.  To compensate for this you really need to adjust your exposure...i usually shoot above the 0 compensation mark to get that "light look".   I also went into light room and adjusted the white balance and adjusted my whites...Love that lightroom!!  

I hope your week brings you all kind of dreamy magic both in front and behind your lens!

Until next time...


  1. Love how you showed the steps you went through with each f-stop. That is interesting that you usually shoot above zero. I am many times at zero, or slightly above or below.

  2. Very nicely done - and explained so well.

  3. Fun shot! I LOVE conversation hearts!!!

  4. Great post I usually have to underexpose to get the look I want..,cameras really vary don't they ? I love your love hearts they make great props....

    1. I'm always a little underexposed...I can lighten it and maintain detail I want. But that's just me...

  5. Great post. f/5.6 looks just right--sweet photo!

  6. LOL...I just can't help but think of an orange heart that says "My Pet"...cuz as a kid I never got what that meant. Wonderful explanation...

  7. I usually meter off my 12% grey card...a cannon girl. This sometimes results in a +1/3 or +2/3.

  8. What an informative post, and beautiful photos! I have a point-and-shoot camera, so this is all new to me. I appreciate the info you provided - it's very helpful for when I start learning with a manual camera. My husband has a Canon - I guess it's time for me to borrow it!

  9. so interesting to see the stages of the photo. Great props to photograph too!

  10. I was just taking pictures of conversation hearts today with some of these thoughts in mind...what a great post and fabulous pictures!

  11. this is a great post & lovely images


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