Saturday, February 16, 2013

sweet valentine...

Sweet sweet Valentine's gotta love it!  We all need a sweet holiday in the middle of the long days of winter.  A day to brighten up someone's day and put a smile on their face.  This is the day i love doing little random acts of kindness.  
This year my daughter is working in a special needs classroom every friday.  She loves the kids and they love having her.  We made these sweet delicious cupcakes for the teachers in the classroom...our favorite...carrot cake.  I found these delightful cupcake liners at one of my favorite cooking stores...SurLaTable.  They are sturdy enough to fill with your favorite batter and pop them into your oven to muffin tins needed.  I was worried that the bright white might brown...but no, they came out looking just yummy!
And then of coarse we had to have something for the students.  Pinterest once again to the rescue. I found these darling tic tac toe boards here.  All we needed to do is download, print and assemble. Fresh Market has the colored m&ms  ...  you can buy the individual colors in bulk.  They matched the board perfectly!  

We had so much fun spending the day cooking and crafting.  I hope that they enjoy the treats today!
I would love to hear what you did for that special person in your life!

Until next time...


  1. That is so pretty the colours are so crisp I'm glad you had a great time...

  2. What lucky students to have such special treats!

  3. What a fun idea -- so colorful -- delicious. So glad you shared the sources. Thanks!


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