Saturday, March 9, 2013

quiet time...

Oh my...i do not know where the time has gone.  You once again you must forgive me, i have been away from my dear blog way too long.  
I think i am having creative attention deficit disorder...i find myself bouncing around between paper crafting, knitting, photography, sewing, embroidery, cooking....
the list goes on and on and on!
And in between there is this thing called "life".  Not to worry...nothing too bad, but just alittle chaotic right now.  I just think i need to sit myself down and take a little time to be quiet...

But my dear mentor, Kim Klassen, has helped me to focus when she released her new paper and cloth collection last week.  Oh my...this collection is just chock full of wonderful textures and brush sets for photoshop.  The textures are so dreamy, but her new brush sets are just divine!!!  Once loaded, all you need to do is "stamp and go".  You can change the size and position and even the colour!  The possibilities are really endless!  

In this week's lesson, Kim gave us this iconic photo to "play with".  I uploaded it into Lightroom to straighten, crop,  adjust the white balance and saturation.  I really do love colour, but sometimes it is just alittle much for me.  Lightroom gives me all kinds of options to get the colours just right...for me!  
Then i bopped over to PSE and added one of Kim's new brushes that gave it a soft vintage feel...and then of coarse...a little text!  

Here is the before...

It always amazes me what alittle lightroom and photoshop magic can do to a photo!  

If you are intrigued to learn more about Lightroom and sure to connect with Kim Klassen.  If she can teach me...a real beginner...i just know she can teach anyone!

Until next time...


  1. Nancy the soft chair colors match nicely with the quote...quiet! Nice job on this one.

  2. Love what you did with it. The colors in the chair are awesome in your version.

  3. I like the processing Nancy and the quote. This looks great.

  4. Great processing Nancy a beautiful shot....

  5. I love your interpretation...AND the square crop is perfect!!!!

  6. You've created a beautiful light effect that feels so serene - the words and photo are a perfect reflection of each other. Nice work!

  7. Beautiful editing, love the soft tones !
    Nice Sunday,

  8. I agree - the processing and quote are a perfect match.

  9. I love these two chairs and how you've processed them. I must have the same Creative ADD. I've been all over the map but having fun learning new techniques too. :)

  10. Perfect! Just love what you've done with this. The chairs do indeed look ready for quiet contemplation.


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