Monday, March 18, 2013

almost there again.... is the day.  I am off to Sanibel Island...maybe for the last time.  My mother has spent nearly thirty years as a snowbird vacationing there almost six months each year.  For thirty years i have been taking my trip there every winter.  For Mom is has become a home away from home...for me a beloved island full of wonderful memories.  
This year my mother decided that it was time to sell her home...her age is creeping up on her and she feels it is time to let it go...
I thought for sure that we would get one more family vacation there in the fall.  The housing market is not the best and things take time to sell.  But as luck would have it...the home sold in just three weeks...."lock, stock, and barrel"...
The only thing we need to pack up are my mother's personal items...her clothes, some photos...that is about it.  
I just know that i can not let my mother do this alone.  It is such a emotional time for me right now... I can only imagine what my mother is feeling.
 So i am flying down today to help her pack up, close on her home and drive her back.  I am sure tears will be flowing as we leave the island for the last time.  
My husband assures me that this is not the last... we will vacation down there with my mother this fall. I so hope he is right.  
A chapter of our live is over now...but we hold dear so many wonderful memories!  
until i return...


  1. So many memories there for you.... Safe journey my friend ....

  2. Praying for you all in this time of transition. Your husband it right you will go back, and create new memories.

  3. I can just image how hard this is for you and your mom. I hope you will find a way to go back and make more family memories there as it is a beautiful place....

  4. I am just so sad I didn't get to meet you while you had the family home down here. Life changes so quickly doesn't it?

  5. It's such a sad thing when we see our parents age. Your Mom's lucky to have you.


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