Thursday, January 2, 2014

fourteen in 2014 ...


Kim of my mentors...has encouraged me to make a list of fourteen items that i would like to see happen this new year..."a mix of personal, creative, business...dreams and wishes"...anything goes.
Such a great opportunity for me to sit down and think about where I am headed in my life...what I want to achieve.  So after much are my fourteen wishes...
~  to slow down and live in the moment and enjoy each little detail
~ to listen to others...really listen
~ to find my blogging rhythm once again
~ to finally agree on the master bath remodel and get it done
~ to dig in my is always a work in progress
~ to make more time for my friends...stop just saying that we will get it!
~  to take photography classes...every class leads me further down my creative path
~  to fill my home with objects that have meaning to me...take them out of drawers and display them
~ to continue my love of quilting and knitting and cooking...the process quiets my soul
~  to learn how to crochet...I think that will be good for my soul too
~  to travel...just make that reservation and go!
~  to spend more time with my husband...he is a workaholic so our time together needs to be scheduled or it just slips away...
~ to stop judging believes are not always theirs...this is a hard lesson for me
~  and smile more ... enjoy life's little moments ... and be grateful
Well there you have it... if I follow my fourteen dreams I just know that this will be a good year!
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  1. Nancy, I love your list, and thoughts! Kim truly is a wonderful mentor to us!

  2. ♡ I love your list. It's brave and genuine. Happy New Year!

  3. Great list so many I would love to learn to crochet..

  4. oh sweet Nancy.... such a lovely list.... genuinely YOU.... such a beautiful quality you have.... so true and sincere...a gift....
    I wish you an abundance of blessings in 2014..... it's exciting to consider where it may take us...

    lots of love...xo, kim

  5. Lovely list and I would love to see you come back to the blogging world. Not judging people is a hard one but so true one we must let go.

  6. I love your list. So many of your items resonate with me...knitting...gardening...time with friends...slowing down....Wishing you the very best in 2014!

  7. Fantastic list for 2014. Happy New Year.

  8. so loved how you highlighted the most important word here Nancy. Your list is wonderful and found some on your list I would have liked to include on mine.

  9. What a great list! I'll have to ponder this...
    It's a Hunger Full Moon on 15 Jan, so I'm pondering what I'm hungry for in this new year...

  10. This is a great list! I think I took the easy road on mine : ) Happy New Year!

  11. That photo is a treasure! And the quote perfect... Wishing you all of the hope of 2014 becomes your reality this year...

  12. love your list. thankful we met.

  13. Nancy, wonderful list. We really should get together in 2014. We have talked about this, we need to do it!!


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