Friday, January 10, 2014

friday finds...

Oh is Friday once again.  Even when i had a super boring kind of week, with the temperatures well below 0 and unbelieveable wind chills, it still went zipping by.

I love Friday Finds, with Kim Klassen..."it is a place to gather and share...a place to cherish life's simple pleasures"...doesn't that sound like such a warm place?  

Today my find is my one little word for 2014... EMBRACE.
I have been thinking about my word for weeks now.  The word that will guide me throughout the year.  I do not do anything fancy with my word...I just let it sit in the back of my mind...always there...always present. 

I want to embrace everything that life has to offer me this year.  Slow down and let life sink in.  I want to try to live in the present and enjoy... try hard not to think of the past...or worry to much about what will come. 
 Just be...and embrace my journey.

If you have a few moments, be sure to click on the adorable Friday find button below to see what other simple pleasures are out there!

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until next time...


  1. Awe!! What a warm cozy pair…so sweet! Your post today was so uplifting Nancy. Hope the temps are warming up a bit - it's 32 degrees as I right this - the forecast is looking good. Have a warm weekend!

  2. Cute teddies I have a collection that belonged to my grown up children they are just 'living' with me for the time being. I love your thoughts on your word and how you plan to 'embrace' life. Have a great weekend...

  3. i think embrace is a wonderful word. I have chosen the word Reach for this year. Your little teddy bears are awful cute

  4. Oh, NancyJean, your teddy bears sitting together so cosy ... so cute!
    I think 'embrace' is a perfect word ...
    Nice weekend,

  5. What a sweet shot to illustrate your "word"....I think it is a perfect word for the new year!!

  6. Oh, what a sweet, sweet photo! And your word is a real winner!

  7. So beautifully presented Nancy, love how you have done your word with the two looking into the light. So lovely.

  8. What a warm word, and a very interesting description of how you came to choose it! I too like my word to sit tucked at the back of my mind. I like to believe it seeps into all my thoughts, like a teabag sitting in a cup of hot water :-)


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