Sunday, March 9, 2014

signs ...

"hey ... what gives you the right
to put up a fence and keep me out
Or keep mother nature in ..."

Today is Sunday once again ... and Sunday would not be the same without Kathy's Song~ography linky party!  Each week Kathy has a "fun mash~up of photography and song" ... a visual song, if you will.
This week's song is "signs" by five man electrical band.

There is a beautiful PUBLIC park ... just a hop, skip and a jump away ... that is home to an absolutely stunning Japanese garden.

But far too often when I take a photowalk down to the preserve ... I discover the gates closed and locked.
I am only able to peer in at a distance with my long lens ... not being able to fully enjoy its beauty. 

What gives them the right to keep such public beauty locked up behind such a gate?

If you have a few moments ... be sure to click here to join in on Kathy's song~ography linky party ... and see how others have connected with this song.

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  1. This was gorgeous! I love photographing and fencing and gates - how beautiful.

  2. You are right - a closed gate is just as overbearing and imposing as a worded sign holding you down or holding you back. This is a beautiful entry.

  3. i like the lyrics you picked and what you did with them!! your image is awesome!!

  4. Love your black and white and the processing on this shot. Very cool. It's perfect for these lyrics!

  5. What a lovely image!
    Your photo and chosen lyrics meld beautifully together!

  6. Gates always fascinate me. This is a beautiful one, and your edit makes it even more lovely. Great take on this song!

  7. What a wonderful entryway to this garden. It would be frustrating to go there & find it locked. - Love your processing on this.

  8. That's a gorgeous gate! It is sad that we are often kept from enjoying things. There are so many places that I have wanted to explore, but it was off limits.

  9. A most wonderful gate and you are right , what gives them the right to lock the garden?? Everyone should enjoy its beauty.

  10. Love your photo and processing! Wonder what that is about locking a public park, very weird.

  11. Ohhhh....this is a great interpretation. Visiting from Song-ography.

  12. Oh my...I adore the editing choices you made with this photograph. Such a shame to keep beauty locked up and not enjoyed. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  13. Love your vintage feel, strange about the gates being locked I wonder why ?


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