Friday, July 25, 2014

friday find ... a little hollyhock

I love Friday finds with Kim Klassen ... "it is a place to gather and share ... a place to cherish life's simple pleasures" ... doesn't that sound like such an inviting place?

"as for hollyhocks ... we shall never have a garden without them ...
both for their own sake ... 
and for the sake of old~fashioned folks
who used to love them."
~henry ward beecher"

I found myself lost in my garden once again this week ... always discovering something new.  My hollyhocks made their debut ... and this double really took my breath away!  I guess i am one of those "old~fashioned folks" who loves old~fashioned flowers. 

 I so hope you do not grow tired of my flower photos ... it is just that i can not get enough of them.  
Maybe it was the long cold winter that seemed like it would never end, that makes me appreciate my flower gardens even more this summer.

 Everything is alive with color ... such a good thing!  So i try to get out and enjoy each precious sun filled day ... and let it soak in.

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  1. Nancy, I never, ever grow tired of your flowers! Having a double hollyhock is so special (I would love to have some). Love the pink and white ruffles gently placed on the pretty plate. Thank you for sharing from your garden!!

  2. Agree with Beverly, never grow tired of flowers never. I also love your dish one of my favorites.

  3. Flowers are the perfect subject they give and give so gorgeous...

  4. Never will I grow tired of seeing beautiful flowers! I can't believe this is a hollyhock! it looks like a carnation - I've never seen one like that - gorgeous!

  5. oh my brother just bought a house and those flowers were in his yard and he wondered what they were - I had no idea (not much of a green thumb here) - ff to tell him!

  6. I could look at flowers all day. This doesn't look like any hollyhock I've ever seen. So pretty!

  7. oh my... hollyhocks are so romantic.... just lovely... i had no idea there were doubles....
    sigh..... just right sweet friend...
    as always beautiful to be here.


  8. This hollyhock is just so pretty! And I love the way you've presented it, so delicate and light. I can't speak for others but as one who is known to post a lot of flower photos, I can never get tired of seeing them. So keep 'em coming!

  9. I love all and any flowers, so keep on posting your gorgeous photos ! The hollyhock is so pretty !

  10. I love old fashioned flowers too!

  11. Beautiful photo! I have not had much luck with hollyhocks but do like seeing them in gardens. I think during the summer most of us are taking mostly photos of our garden, making up for those long winter months. Looking forward to more. Diane #51

  12. I haven't seen hollyhocks in a long time! Yours are simply gorgeous. I love the pretty dish, too! Oh, and I never get tired of seeing flowers!!

  13. I love old-fashioned flowers too, NancyJean ...
    and this hollyhock is so very pretty !
    Have a nice week,


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