Friday, July 18, 2014

friday finds ... ta da!

I love friday finds with Kim Klassen ... "it is a place to gather and share ... a place to cherish life's simple pleasures" ... doesn't that sound like such an inviting place?

"it was not anyone's birthday, 
but Bramwell Brown had a feeling
 that today was going to be a special day"
~old bear by jane hissey"

Guess what ... it is such an exciting day ... i completed my very first quilt!  Ta Da!

I found that i just love to quilt ... the exciting fabrics to touch and discover ... the precise measuring and cutting (measure twice, cut once) ... the pressing that gets the fabric nice and crisp ... the sound of my new bernina humming away ...  All such fun!
I decided to tackle just a crib size for my first quilt ... i thought that with a smaller project, i might just get it finished and not find it lying in the back of workroom.

Good decision!

Now i wonder who will have the next baby shower?

~old bear~

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  1. yay!! that's such a HUGE accomplishment.....i love the colours and patterns you choose....and your photos with the teddy.... just perfect....

    happy weekend... xo

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment and beautiful quilt. Looking forward to seeing more! Think about joining us on Wednesdays at WOYW (What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesdays) at You might find it inspiring. Diane #22

  3. That is beautiful Nancy! Congratulations!! You can tackle a bigger one now, and somebody very fortunate is going to get the one you made.

  4. Good for you! That quilt looks beautiful and whoever gets it will be one lucky momma!

  5. Oh my! A girl after my own heart...quilting, fabrics, pressing, and a Bernina!! Congratulations on completing your first crib quilt - such a fun size to make. Love it!!

  6. Beautiful work Nancy you are so talented, and I so love the quote it was one of my favourite books to read to the children.

  7. Congratulations! A most wonderful piece of work - well done! Never had the patience to even finish a cushion. Next week I will try and join you on Friday .

  8. Wow... your quilt is beautiful and I love teddy bears... lovely photos! Have fun with your quilting :o)

  9. I love your new quilt! I enjoy quilting, but mostly work on smaller wall hangings and such! I do have several unfinished projects laying around that I need to get back to. Love your teddy, too!


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