Friday, November 20, 2015

time to step away and reboot ...

"step away ... self~check ... reboot"
~kim klassen"

What is it about some people ... why do i feel such an immediate connection. People that just "get" me.  Those friendships i treasure and hold on tight.  
There are even those people i feel a strong connection to that i have never met.  I read their words and they always seem to resonate.  At times i wonder how is this possible ... a complete stranger.

like~minds ... soul~mates perhaps?

Then there are other people ... no matter how hard i try ... there is just no connection.  Some are people i know well, people that are in my everyday life. 
In fact the harder i work at the relationship ... the greater the disappointment.  As i grow older, i am learning to let these people go ... 

Tonight is one of those nights, when i need to step away and reboot.  You see, I should be at a charity event tonight ... after all i made all the centerpieces for the event that will be actioned off.  My daughter's achievements will be mentioned ... but for all the wrong reasons.  
These are some of the people that disappoint.  
These are the relationships that i need to let go.

So tonight instead of putting on my finery and a facade ... 
i will heed my friends advice ... 
i plan to wrap myself up in a blanket, cuddle by the fire and listen to the falling snow ...

step away ... self~check ... and reboot

Until next time...


  1. Thank you for sharing your struggles and being real. I know that I feel this way some times. Over the past few years I have cleaned out the friendships that don't enrich my life, but I have deepened the ones that have. Sometimes I have found people just take and take from me, but offer nothing in return, those relationships drain me. It needs to be a sharing, two way friendship.

  2. I too totally get what you are saying. I think you did yourself a great favor tonight by being real and following your heart. I have been put in too many situations over my lifetime that required 'putting on a face' and I no longer have the energy or inclination to do that.

  3. How I remember hours after hours sitting at various kitchen tables offering advice and sympathy or just listening. The sorrows and needs of others which became my own...and the dissapointment when there was nobody really there when I was in need. Sarah is right : it needs to be a sharing , two way friendship.Now I rather take my blanket, my daughter and my dogs instead of yet another session of listening and giving.

  4. thank you all for you encouraging comments. it has been awhile since i have posted here at my blog ... it means so much to see that not only did you took the time to read my post, but also to comment .... my sincere thank you

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  6. I'm a little confused as to how your daughter's accomplishments can be mentioned for "all the wrong reasons". Can you explain any further? In addition, in your comment it should read " it means so much to see that not only did you *take the time...". Just a little advice from one blogger to another!:)

  7. @jenhall hey jen! Don't you think that's a little harsh?!

  8. @kayda i understand where you are coming from, but isn't it important to support our kids' accomplishments? I would just like to know what could be more important than this

    1. I see where you are coming from, however, I agree with nancyjean.. The reboot is always most important.


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