Wednesday, December 2, 2015

advent hat and mittens ...

"take time ... slow down ... be still
be awake the Divine Mystery that looks so common
yet is wondrously present"
~edward hays~

Ready or not ... the holidays are here.

I am ready ... 
however the gifts are not bought and wrapped ... the cards are not made nor the envelopes addressed ... the tree is not lit, decorated or even set up ... my antique ornaments are still wrapped in their boxes ... in fact i do not even have my lists started.

But i am ready.

I am ready to take my time, to slow down and to embrace and enjoy all the traditions of the season.  My wish is to be present in each moment.

My first Christmas tradition is the advent calendar ... this year instead of opening little doors, i surprised my daughter with this adorable calendar.  Each handmade hat and mitten is filled with small gifts ... one  for each day till Christmas.  It hangs over her bed on her headboard ... a front panel of a vintage upright piano.  Each morning i know she will wake up with such joy and excitement of discovering a new little surprise ... what a great way to start a new day!  

It is the perfect way to start my day also ... to see the joy and delight in her eyes ... perfect.

So let the season begin ... i am ready.

Until next time...


  1. We don't have anything done yet either, and I am ok with it. What an adorable advent idea.

  2. Hi Sarah, Today i am sitting in front of my laptop, sipping my morning coffee and placing online orders ... getting sale prices, free shipping ... what could be better? :~)


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