Thursday, April 7, 2011

 a beautiful surprise...

Yesterday was a really tough day for me and Jake.  All day he was having little accidents all over the house.  It seemed like i took him out every hour to potty and he would just run around and play.  Leaves and twigs are great toys to our Jake.  Each time I brought him inside, he would leave me a "little surprise" !  This went on all day!  When Rick came home for dinner, he found me on my hands and knees washing the floor.  I was so exhausted from my dear little Jake.  It is such a good thing that he is just so sweet and adorable, it was hard for me to get mad at him.
Well, today was a new day.  It was much better day.  No accidents!! 
Today i got a great surprise!
A beautiful bouquet of flowers! 
 And guess who they were from? 
The note he wrote made my heart melt...
"Dear Mommy, I am REALLY trying to be a better boy today"
love, Jake

Today was a much better day indeed!

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