Saturday, June 4, 2011

double vision...

The beauty from the gardens is popping out everywhere.  Almost everyday i am discovering a new bloom in my gardens.  After our long cold dreary winter and rainy cloudy cold spring, this is such a welcome relief!
Now if we can just get rid of these hot humid and rainy days, I will be so happy!

It is week 15 of my Picture Inspiration class.  I have not participated in a few weeks...i have been sick sick sick.  But i dare to say, that i think i am finally on the road to recovery. 
This week's assignment is double vision.  We were to take a photo of the same object from two different angles;  from the ground up and then a bird's eye view. 
It is amazing how this same flower can look so different just by changing your position!

From the ground up...

a bird's eye view...

This clematis has a special place in my heart and garden.  About three years ago i was at one of my favorite garden centers when i noticed this beautiful clematis.  I picked it up to look at it more closely when i discovered that it was named after me!!! 
Mrs. N Thompson
Well, i suppose it was not me they named this beauty after, but i knew that she was coming home with me!

My sister~ in~law once told me that the first year you plant a clematis, they sleep.
The second year, they creep.
And the third year, they leap.

I am now at the third year and it is sure leaping!

Until next time~

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