Monday, July 18, 2011

the first hall...

It was Friday, July 1st, the beginning of the big wedding weekend.  It also happened to be chris' birthday. It was important to Rachel and Chris to have chris' godfather perform the wedding ceremony.  But since he is not a judge or priest or rabbi, or even a captain of a boat; it was off to city hall to dot the i's and cross the t's before the big day on Sunday. 

Asrai Garden, Rachel's favorite florist in Wicker Park, designed this
stunning bouquet.  The peonies were absolutely beautiful!

At noon we were off to downtown Chicago for a wonderful lunch before the civil ceremony. 
 This was just the first of many many scrumptious meals that weekend!
Some oysters were just the ticket!

After lunch it was time for a short walk to City Hall. 
 We waited our turn and soon it was time for the legal ceremony.

The ceremony was short but sweet. 
There was no exchange of rings at this ceremony...
it was really only a formality to them. 
But there was a loving kiss.

Everyone checked over the paper work...
just to be sure all those i's were indeed dotted!

And here they are...Mr and Mrs Thompson!

When they were asked which date they would consider their wedding day,
 July 1st or July 3rd...
they answered without hesitation...July 3rd! 

Be sure to stop back later this week to see the rest of their romantic weekend! 
The best is yet to come!

Until next time...

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