Thursday, July 14, 2011

how to change a doodle into a poodle...

Think it is time for a little trim?  I felt so sorry for my doodlebug, he could hardly see thru his curly doo!  I have been so busy that i have not had time to find a groomer for his first haircut.  A friend of mine reccomended a groomer close by.  She has been taking her prize standard poodle there for along time.  So i figured that would be great for Jake.
Yesterday was his day at the spa.  I went to pick him up in the afternoon.  The groomer came walking outside with a dog on a leash.  I walked right by him without even realizing that it was my doodlebug!
Here is the before picture...

And here is the after...

Can you believe it is the same puppy?  Once Jake saw me and jumped into my arms, I knew he was mine.  But i do have to admit that i did sneak a peek inside his ear to check his tattoo...just in case!
I think next time i will have her groom him a little differently on the top...not such a powder puff cut.  But otherwise, he can see again!

This morning he was off to the vet to be neutered.  Jake jumped out of the car and went running inside the vet's office.  He saw people and other dogs, he thought he was in for a good time!  If he had any idea what was going to happen to him today, he would be running in the other direction!
It will be snuggle time when he comes home later today. 
Hopefully he will forgive me, after i pamper him with his favorite treat!

Until next time...

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