Thursday, January 26, 2012

beautiful blur...

Beyond Layers continued today with a wonderful lesson on
 how to achieve a light dreamy look to our photos. 
The secret to lighten and blur.

The key are these three ingredients~
Great Light
Low f-stop

I worked for hours today with my camera.  I still have alot to learn on my new 5D Cannon.  It is one of the "smartest" DSLRs, it does just about everything except click the shutter button.  It calculates exposure like no other.
However, in this lesson one of the keys to a soft beautiful blur is over exposure.  Manually i needed to increase my exposure alot!  The beauty of the DSLR is that you can over ride it, and use your own creative interpretation to any photo.
I had so much fun today creating beautiful blurs!

" No dreamer is ever too small,
no dream ever too big..."

Until next time...

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  1. A true Beauty! Both photos are lovely, and you nailed it - soft and light. Enjoy your new camera :)


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