Tuesday, March 6, 2012

all things vintage makes a happy heart...

All things vintage...that's what I love. 
I could spend hours at a flea market or antique store rummaging around
to find just that right treasure to bring home.
I am not sure what the attraction is or when it started.  I think I just love
the story behind each item.  Wondering where it came from and who owned it last. 
I fell in love with this beautiful cruet holder i found at one of my favorite stores, The Past Basket.   I knew that i probably never use it as it was intended, oil and vinegar, but thought that it was a perfect container to show off my summer flowers.

The huge antique flea market in Elkhorn,Wisconsin will start up again for the season on May 20th. There are over 500 dealers! I have my calendar already circled so i do not miss this amazing day of treasure hunting. 
 If you live anywhere in the area it is a show not to be missed!

I am submitting this photo to Kim Klassen's texture tuesday.  Our assignment was to use at least one layer of her beautiful new texture, happy heart.  I first desaturated my image to give it a somewhat softer feel.  I applied happy heart at the soft mode at 40% oppacity.  Then i applied it again at the multiply mode at 30%. Happy Heart gives the glass such a great look!
Be sure to click here to see all the "happy heart" photos. 

I am also taking another wonderful e~course...Susan Tuttle's Toy Camera.  One of our lessons this week was to learn how to make a photo look like a vintage silver gelain look.
This process was created back in 1871, no wonder i love it!
It produced a photo with a very subtle overall colour cast and a rough, grungy, milky texture.  Also it had a rough edge around the image.
 I used the same photo and got another great look!
"i love to find a great vintage secondhand shoppe"
~bridget hall~

until next time...


  1. Oh I am totally with you...spending the afternoon at an antique/flea market or an estate sale speaks to my heart. It is the sense of history of the items that appeals to me. And I agree, that cruet holder screams...FLOWERS! What a lovely photo!

  2. I am with you all the way, the older the better. I love the juxtaposition of the fresh flower with the vintage.

  3. What a wonderful arrangement and beautiful texture work. Great !

  4. what a wonderful shot old and new together
    vintage hunting so much fun

  5. How fun to find such treasures! I love using vintage items for new purposes... your flower looks lovely in the cruet holder.

  6. I used to work at an antique mall part time a few years ago and loved it! I'm not so much in bringing home treasures these days -- need to declutter, actually!

    Lovely photo and processing. :)

  7. Lovely photo, beautifully textured !
    Also love the one you created in Susan's course !
    And I love vintage things too :-)
    Nice evening,

  8. yes, great texture work and lovely items, vintage is great!


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