Saturday, March 3, 2012

diana toy camera...

It is March and another new e~coarse has started!  Susan Tuttle's Toy Camera.  Throughout this month we are going to learn many photoshop techniques that will replicate the old toy cameras and film processing effects.
Be sure to visit Susan's Visual Poetry blog to see samples of her amazing work. 

Our first lesson is to process our photo to look like a photo from the Diana toy camera from the early 1960s.  Diana cameras were an inexpensive plastic box camera that were sold for a nominal amount or even given away at fairs and carnivals.  Because of its low quality plastic lens, it created artistic effects that resulted in slightly blurred images and vignetted. Today professional photographers try to capture this dream like quality through photoshop techniques. 
Who knew back fifty years ago, that this
child's toy camera would be so celebrated today! 

Below is my original image straight out of the camera.  You can see that the Diana technique really gave this photo a dream~like quality. 
I am looking forward to the rest of this class to discover other processing effects!

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  1. This is wonderful with the letter in the background and the stunning Pink. Fantastic !


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