Friday, April 20, 2012

a walk in the park...

"adopt the pace of nature;
her secret is patience"
~ralph waldo emerson~

I feel like i have been away far too long from my blog
 and it is time for me to get back into the swing of things! 
I have been so distracted with a ecourse i have been taking from the wonderful Xanthe Berkeley.
She has been teaching us how to make time capsules using our still photography and videos. We are learning how to capture everyday moments that we want to treasure and edit it into a movie.  This has become say the least!  And very time consuming!
 I got a new big girl camera from santa this year.  It took me months to learn all the dials and buttons so i could take pictures again.  It also has a HDR video ability!  For several weeks now i have been trying to master it..and now,i think i have it figured out!
So out i have been taking stills and videos to edit into these wonderful time capsules...too much fun!
Soon i will figure out how to upload my film into my blog....i hope!
In the meantime, i took my mother and daughter out for the afternoon to Lilacia Park in Lombard.  I have known about this park for decades, but never took the time to drive out.  Lombard is known as the lilac capital of the is home to over 200 varieties and  75,000 tulips! So on Thursday, off we went!  Their lilacs are in full bloom right now and even the late tulips were bursting with colour!  Butterflies were having a field day with all the blooming flowers.
It always amazes me how much beauty is all around!

Until next time...
sooner, i hope...

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