Saturday, June 9, 2012

sweet dreams...

I am still leaping!
Not only am i involved in a major landscape project outside,
 i also decided to leap into alittle interior design work in my daughter's room.  
Each night i still go upstairs to tuck my daughter in and say good~night.  And every night i think,
 "oh my, she is growing tall and her bed is growing small!"
It was time to go out and find that perfect bigger mattress.  
Finally we found one that was not too hard, not too soft.. but just right! 

But as all new purchases go,
 when you bring it home, it leads to more work and $$
new sheets
new bed skirt
new bedspread
new shams
new pillows
new headboard
somehow this is also leading to new paint on the walls
and maybe even the furniture!!

I found these Union Jack pillows at Rachel Ashwell's shop in California. She has the rightful title of being the "Queen of Shabby Chic".  These beauties have been sitting in the closet over a year just waiting to adorn the new bed.  
The headboard is the front of an antique upright piano painted with Annie Sloan's wonderful chalk paint.  Hubby spent four hours last weekend hanging it on the wall...what a hero!
I am happy to say that my daughter's room is coming together nicely!
I have a ways to go, but my daughter loves it...and so does my doodlebug!

Today i am linking up to Shoot Edit Submit...Kim's delightful blog Mom Tried It
Your Sunday Best.
Be sure to check out the other entries, i am sure you will get inspired to pick up your camera and shoot!

"the stars are out and the moon is hanging around
and peeping through your window just to say good night
sweet dreams..."
~author unknown~

until next time...


  1. It's so true that when you replace one thing in a room, it makes the rest look out of place or dated... I hope you are having fun redecorating your daughter's room. I love the pillows and the color scheme.

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. :)

  2. what a sweet post! we found ourselves in a similar situation last summer. my oldest wanted some new furniture in her room for her birthday which led to painting, etc. it turned out beautiful though and she loves it!!


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