Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Fact FridaY...around and around

Oh is Friday once again.  
It seems like it is the only time i have been posting lately is on Fridays.
Life has been a little hectic around here...but things will slow down soon...i hope!

My favorite instructor, dear Kim Klassen encouraged us to seek out shapes...
circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, converging lines... to look around and find these shapes in our everyday. 
 I chose to look for circles this week... love their soft, smooth curved lines.  
And I thought it would be fun to turn this assignment into 5 Facts about myself.  

This is a way to get to know each other alittle better...
sharing a part of ourselves...How awesome is that?

Fact 1... I love "Ma and Pa" neighbor stores.  

You know the kind, where everyone knows your name and really cares about how your day is going.  
Grunwalds Jewelers was that kind of store...Unfortunately they retired...but not before I got my new wedding ring to celebrate 30 years of married bliss.

Fact 2...I love pearls.
classic and traditional....they go with just about everything.

Fact 3...I love fences.
the older...the better

Fact 4...I love David Austin roses
I just found a nearby nursery that specializes in these beauties.  They gave me their list of new roses that will come in next spring.  They will tag them and grow them for me until it is time to plant them in my new garden beds.   sigh....

Fact 5...I love benches.
I can just get lost in thought sitting out there...and maybe even sneak in a little shut eye.

Well...there you have it....5 little facts about me.  
I can not wait to learn alittle bit more about you too!  
Just click on the banner above and it will take you on over to this fun linky party...
see you there!  Today is the last party...but i am having so much fun that i am going to continue as a weekly column.

 "my love for you is a journey ~ 
starting at forever and ending at never"
~author unknown~

Until next time...


  1. I love your new ring,it's stunning. Congrats on the 30 years together, we are at 28 :)I credit our success to Starbucks shared together in the morning and a sense of humor.

  2. hello lovely... oh my gosh... what a wonderful collection of circles.... that bench... takes my breath away....the gate... oh my... and your ring .... well it's all ...just so good....

    oh the love quote... so beautiful....

    love your love facts Nancy..beautifully presented... wonderful....

  3. What a lovely post, and I enjoyed your Five Facts...those roses are beautiful! And wow, what an incredibly gorgeous wedding ring! I also chose circles for my shapes hunt...I agree, circles are my favorite shape. Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy - thanks for sharing!

  4. Nancy such a beautiful ring 30 years My Mark and I celebrated that milestone last year it has a lovely sound . Fences and benches love them too. Glad you are going to carry on the 5 facts so am I

  5. Nancy, if you like David Austen, try looking for the old French roses. Some of those are wonderful. Have a great weekend.

    1. i did buy one variety of old French roses...but i misplaced its name. It is doing very well...thanks for the tip!

  6. Congratulations on 30 years! I am fond of fences and benches as well. They are so wonderful to photograph.

  7. {raises hand} i'm a fence lover too. and i adore places where i can walk in and they know who i am - usually for me it's wine boutiques, not jewellers - haha

  8. I'd love to be sitting on that bench wearing that ring! Love your pics and congrats on 30 years!!

  9. Congratulations on the 30 years. I love to take photos of benches too. I like your perspective on this one!


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