Tuesday, September 4, 2012

C'est la Vie...

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It is Monday and time for another Beyond Layers Class from the wonderful Kim Klassen.  
I am here to tell you that i am so going to miss this class when it is over.  
Just one year ago, words like layers, adjustment levels, blending modes, brushes, textures.... were foreign to me...it was like i was reading and trying to understand another language.  Then i discovered Kim...and now thru her wonderful lessons, PSE is no longer a mystery...now i get it!

But her class is so much more...
every Monday i find inspirational thoughts and ideas in my inbox.  Thoughts that really make me take pause and reflect.  

In today's lesson Kim challenges us to look at "our own truths" and question whether they are holding us back from something more....

In my world, i am very happy to be a "home body".  I just love my home and have spent countless hours and dollars making it "me".  I am content...sigh.  I like things to go smoothly and have a routine.  A good day for me is a day without any excitement.  
But Kim has challenged me on this.
Is my contentment holding me back... keeping me from traveling outside of my comfort zone?  Not allowing me to see all that life has to offer?
And then there are the excuses...
the dreaded packing, who is going to watch my dear doodlebug, the language barrier...

Visiting Paris and the countryside has always been a romantic dream of mine.
Should i just break away...forget my excuses...pack up my suitcase and go? ... sigh

Well until next time, i sure have alot to think about!



  1. Oui, oui.....you should pack those bags and see Paris. Make your dreams your reality, I know you'll be glad you did. :)

  2. I would love to see Paris too. I read your post five minutes ago and for the last four minutes...I've been seeing the sites of Paris - well, that's in my head. Yep, I need to start working on making this a reality!

  3. You should go... Paris is amazingly beautiful. I understand however, I am such a homebody. We pushed ourselves and spent three weeks in Europe last summer. I had to have drug for the plane ride... but it was so worth it and didn't need them coming home.

  4. Ah, Paris! I would love to go someday too! Your photos make me want to go even more. The thing that keeps me from it is that horribly long plane ride. But what a photographer's paradise! Maybe I should find out what "drugs" Cathy took!

  5. After looking at your layout, I want to go to Paris too!! I guess I'll have to settle for getting a croissant at a local bakery!

  6. NanyJean, let me put it this way, my husband never had any interest in seeing Paris, then we went to France for a wedding, drove all through the amazing countryside for three weeks and ended our trip in Paris. He was blown away -- like you, I already knew I would be -- but I was even surprised at how much better it was than my wildest expectations...we relive that trip over and over...so does that help convince you? ;-)

  7. I've been to Paris a few times and it is charming, but Venice will always be my first love ....i agree with you about BL I shall miss it so I have learnt so much...

  8. Hi Nancy,
    I love the beautiful collage you have put together.. Beyond layers has been such a special place for all of us hasn't it? :)
    I'm still working on my dream travel list.. i'm enjoying the process a lot

  9. Paris is wonderful - you should go. I hate flying too but some years ago we had the opportunity to go to Australia I am so glad I didn't let the 24 hour flight put me off - we had a wonderful time and snorkelling on the great barrier reef with my son ( husband doesn't swim) is one of my most treasured experiences!

  10. Go! Go! I've been to Paris several times and love it!

  11. Your blog page is so beautiful...I just have to get busy on mine...still learning the set-up.'
    Thank you so much for your visit and like you I just love Kim's classes...She really does inspire..
    Have a wonderful week.

  12. Oh my, comfort zones ... isn't it so true that the idea of discomfort can keep us from doing lots of things. And we have comfort zones around lots of different things. Interestingly, one of my truths is I like doing things alone ... like adventuring to different parts of Colorado and walking unknown trails. I don't mind talking to strangers ... well, some strangers. But sometimes I find going out with someone, I feel constrained and responsible for their experience. Oh, how that can hold me back! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your truth about comfort zones Nancy Jean. And I appreciate you visiting my Kobi and Snoopy! Ah yes, Kim is truly a wonder!! She has changed my life!! ;->

  13. I find that the more I am home, the harder it is to go out. I love being home and puttering about. I can "go out" for walks around the neighborhood and I am happy. Vacations set me in a panic to try and get everything done before I leave, whatever that "everything" is I don't know. The good thing is that once I am away and at my destination I am fine. Maybe it is the traveling that I have grown to dislike :)

  14. I've been lucky to go to Paris twice and both times it was rainy, grey and cold. Beautiful, but rainy, grey and cold. ; )

    Now, Austria, on the other hand, Salzburg and Vienna, were lovely. My dream is Rome. But then with all the kiddos, I'm afraid that I've got a long time to wait for that. : )

    Very lovely shots, btw!

  15. Great post, NancyJean. I probably should have taken this class. Sounds like it gives cause for introspection as well as PS.

  16. What a gorgeous collage of lovely photos. I love everything Kim does. I am taking her Round Trip class on Lightroom next week. She is wonderful and so are your gorgeous photographs.


  17. Paris is my favourite city - a great place to simply soak up the creative and cultural atmosphere. I'd love to visit again for my birthday next year......

  18. Nancy this is a really exciting post on the topic of what is holding us back, from Kim's inspiration this week. I didn't come up with anything as exciting as this! I would really love to see Paris, but.....all the things you mention are the same reasons I don't. Sigh...for sure. :) Love your photos!

  19. I can even imagine how beautiful Paris would be .Your photos are so beautiful and if thats what its like I would love to pack and go also.

    I too have learnt alot from Kim. When I look back it is amazing how much. Im on the book spine this week.


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