Friday, September 14, 2012

5 fun facts...

Oh my goodness...Friday once again.  
And by now, you know what that means... 5 Fact FridaY.
I just love sharing little tidbits about myself and 
getting to know alittle bit more about you too! 

I spent most of the summer helping my mother move from her condo to
an independent senior living center.  It was alot of work packing and moving and unpacking 85 years of her treasures, but now it is done...
It was so worth my time seeing her so happy and active there!

Now i am trying to grab some me time.  
A new on line class started this week...Lightroom with the amazing Kim Klassen.  If anyone can teach me this, i know she will!
And i started a knitting class at a real brick~and~motar store...
it is so fun to spend a night each week learning how to knit a new project with fellow knitters.

Fact 1...I love flowers.  I love their buds, their blooms and even their weary spent heads.

Fact 2...I love my hometowne.  Everytime i take a walk, i find some new nook to photograph.  I just love this little secluded area with their bright umbrellas and chairs...and they serve the most delicious gelatto.

Fact 3...I love the first day of school.
Those who know me are thinking....what?  
My children are way beyond that age now...but there is still something about the tradition of kids heading off to school for their first day that makes me feel so nostalgic...sigh...

Fact 4...I love pumpkins.  I love their colours, textures and wonderful stems!

And now for the best most wonderful Fun Fact of all...

Fact 5...This week i just added my 1ooth  facebook friend!!
Now that is exciting...but it even gets way better.
Guess who that 100th person is?

Kim mentor, my leader, and now i can friend!

Well, there you have it...5 more little Fun Facts about me.  
I can not wait to learn alittle bit about you too.  Just click on the banner above to join in on this super fun linky party...see you there!

Until next time...


  1. Yey congrats Nancy great facts I love learning about my kk buddies have a great weekend....

  2. Love your 5 facts. I too get nostalgic at the back to school time of year. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. I had my whole kitchen decorated with pumpkins a few years ago, and just left it up all year round. I love autumn, and my house is earth tone colors.

  4. I enjoyed reading about these glimpses of 'you'. :)

  5. Such great facts! I love them! Your blog is beautiful, and I love your luscious florals on your blog header! I really wish I had had the time to sign up for it. I'm so behind as a Beyonder, and I've been trying to stay caught up with our BTS class! I did splurge & sign up for her Art of Textures self paced... I need that hands on creative time. Congratulations on your 100 friends on FB! :)

  6. wonderful photos as always... looking forward to your fall pics.

  7. Great colorful photos! I hope we'll get to see some pictures of what you knit!

    1. Hi Robyn...right now i am knitting felted clogs for my daughter...super fun! You knit them huge, felt them in a washer and they shrink down to the coziest and warmest slippers you will ever want! Also i am knitting a baby blanket that is turning our awesome!! I will have to have these featured on another 5 Fact Friday!

  8. Loved all your facts how fun that you are learning to knit !

  9. oh nancy..... you just made me cry..... that is the sweetest fact i've ever read.... oh my gosh.... really.... no words.... thank you.... you are so sweet...
    big love to you.....

    i love all your facts...and gosh the photos.... BEAUTIFUL....

    see you in class lovely.... 'sigh'
    xo, Kim

    1. oh Kim...i am so happy that you read my little blog and saw that you were my 100th FB friend! You can not imagine how thrilled i was when i saw a friend request on FB...then saw it was you...then relized that you were number 100....How special is that? Thank you for all you wonderful teachings...without you i would be nowhere in PSE!

  10. I always hated the first day of school - it made me a nervous wreck!

  11. Such a fun and happy colour-filled post! Just love pumpkins too.

  12. Nancy I loved your facts. Photography and knitting go hand in hand I think . I love both also.
    I always love your blog.
    Big Hugs

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by -- I'm so glad your mom is pleased with her new place. That would be alot of work to move, but worth the effort if she is happy. :)

  14. Nancy, I loved hearing about your mother more than the facts. I bet you did have a busy summer. I appreciate the photos. I am a color photo person myself. I try to do these fancy faded photos, but color is in my blood.


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