Sunday, September 16, 2012

gratitude...the 9.16.12 Edition...

I have been thinking alot about things going on in my life...really thinking and reflecting.
so.... i decided each week to write about something i am grateful for.
Some weeks it might be a biggie and other weeks it might be seemingly small...
but big or small it is important for me to be thankful.

This week happens to be a biggie...

This summer i have been having a sensitivity to the sun...
in fact it has been bothering me so much that not only do i dip myself in a bottle of sunscreen each and every day, 
but i also bought a hat...and i am so not a hat person.
Finally i decided that "at my age" it was time to make an appointment with a dermatologist...Dr S.
Dr. S looked over my skin with a magnifier, looking at every single bump, spot and pore.  Everything was going well until she lifted my bangs...
Next thing i knew Dr S did a biopsy.
I have been waiting for over a week now for the results.  
It has been a long 9 days.
Today i got the results... 

Oh such great i can breathe again.

I am so grateful...

Until next time...


  1. What a great reminder to stop slow down and be thankful! Rejoicing with you on the negative test results!!

  2. So pleased all is well Nancy, that feeling , the witing is not good, i have had breast cancer and I know how awful that waiting can be ....

  3. So pleased all is well Nancy, that feeling , the witing is not good, i have had breast cancer and I know how awful that waiting can be ....

  4. Thanking God for your good news.

  5. So glad to hear that your news was good and your post is an important reminder that we should all get our skin checked. I had a similar experience and the waiting was difficult but like you, the news was good.

  6. Glad you got good news, NancyJean. I had a spot on my leg several years ago, diagnosed as pre-cancerous ... A bit was removed and all seems well now. I still have lots of spots showing up. working on not worrying since I don't have a job and no insurance. Fortunately, they are not the same kinds of spots. ;->

  7. Hi Nancy,
    So glad to hear that it was benign. And so glad that you went for the checkup.
    Big hug

  8. So glad the news was good! That was a big one for this week! I wear a hat to avoid the sun - don' t worry you'll get used to it!

  9. So glad that is turned out ok. Those moments are so scary and the waiting is the worst.

  10. thank you everyone for all your kind responses to my post. I am so grateful for this amazing community...

  11. Came a bit late to this, NancyJean, but I'm so glad for you as well! Wonderful relief. Our minds can go crazy with the waiting.

  12. What a sense of relief that must be! I love your poster of the quote! One of my favorites! : )

  13. Really glad that all is ok for you & a lovely idea for a feature post !


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