Sunday, October 28, 2012

gratitude ... the 10.28.12 edition

It is Sunday once again...a time for me to pause and reflect.  Some weeks it may seem like a small thing and other weeks it may be a biggie.  But big or small ... i am thankful.

This has been a really rough couple of weeks.  I got slammed with a big bad bug.  I woke up one morning with an intense sore someone had lit a match inside.  I could not talk or swallow...even breathing at times seemed to aggravate it!  I take care of my special needs daughter ... so rest time was very limited.  Then things got daughter got it (no surprise there) and then things got even husband got it!   It seemed like i was just crawling thru each day just waiting until i could climb into my bed in the evening and relax.

However, thru it all there was one constant companion by my darling doodlebug Jake.  I swear he knew that things were different.  He was not getting the attention he was used time, training time, walk time.    Instead of pestering me, each and every day he would cuddle up right by my side and lay his darling head on my and night.  It was such a comfort for me to feel his warm soft body next to mine.   Petting him made me feel all cozy inside.  Whoever said that a dog was a man's best friend, was absolutely right.  

Yesterday was the first day that i was able to take Jake on a nice long well deserved walk.  I stopped by my favorite coffee house for a hot chocolate.  A man playing a guitar stopped to talk to us and saw the connection Jake and i have.  He asked me if i would rather spend a day with my dog or with a friend...hmmm...good question...

for my love of my darling doodlebug... I am grateful.

Until next time...


  1. Oh he is so gorgeous I love him I could imagine what a comfort he can be...

  2. He is adorable!Feel better soon!

  3. So glad you are starting to feel better

  4. There is nothing like the love of a dog. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. He is so cute. My two cats kept me company for six weeks while I was so very ill .
    We with Pets are just so soft at heart. :)

  6. That face is too cute! Glad you are able to get out and you're feeling better!

  7. Oh Nancy Jean, when it rains, it pours. So sorry you were all sick. It's always such a great feeling when you really begin to feel good again. I care for my special needs sister who lives with me. She just got over a nasty two week cold and yesterday we were able to go out and have lunch at our favorite cafe. It helped that we have had mid to high seventies weather the last three days here in the SF bay area too - after being inside all week at work, it was a great weekend to be out. Jake is just precious - enjoy the week!

  8. Sorry for your tough patch Nancy Jean. Glad you are feeling better. What an adorable dog :)They are amazing little creatures aren't they.

  9. Dogs are certainly man's best friend...and women's too! I'm glad your sweet little guys is always there for you. My two little Westies are for me too.

  10. I think this is the first time I have met Jake...he is soo cute!!! What a great companion to have by your beside!! Well I am off to do my last lesson n!!!! I can't make up my mind what class to take next? So are you getting any better?


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