Sunday, November 4, 2012

gratitude...the 11.4.2012 edition

It is Sunday once again...a time for me to pause and reflect.  Some weeks it may seem like a small thing and other weeks it may be a biggie.  But big or small ... i am thankful.

Next to photography, knitting is my love.  I think it is the repetition of the needles and the soft texture of the delicious yarns that have me head over heels in love.  If i am having a stressful day...i do not need that glass of wine or a little white happy pill.  Just give me a ball of yarn and two wooden needles and i am swept away to my happy place.  

Tomorrow i am honoured to me invited to my dear friend's granddaughter's baptism. did i ever get this old?  So many of my friends are grandma's now... wonderful.  I think that being a grandparent must be the happiest job on earth...such sweet little darlings...sigh

For the last three months i have been knitting this blanket as a gift to the baby.  It is made from yarn from this baby soft and dreamy.  I struggled at first having to learn several new stitches.  But once i mastered them, i just loved making it...i hope the new parents will love it too!  

For my love of  knitting...i am so grateful.

Until next time...


  1. wonderful post, a lovely shot and great things to be grateful for

  2. You are so talented ....Lovely post Nancy

  3. How beautiful to give away your gifts....;-)

  4. I loved this post, Nancy! I am also so thankful for all the interests and talents God gave me...there's no way I could ever be bored...and all the better if I can use things to benefit others! Bravo!

  5. The feel of the yarn in your hands and fingers must be so pleasurable. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Lovely photo. I am sure that the blanket will be treasured. I received a handmade afghan on our wedding day 26 years ago from a long time family friend and I still treasure that so much.

  7. It's beautiful Nancy Jean. I love to knit too. Just picked up some soft and cuddly baby yarn to make a few baby hats to donate.

  8. The blanket looks beautiful - love the pattern. I tried knitting for a while, but always pulled the yarn too tight!


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