Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013...a new year

Oh my goodness...we woke up to the first day of 2013...amazing!  When i looked at my last post it was on Veteran's Day...where did the time go?  I realize that i did not post one photo of our beautiful Christmas...i guess i was too busy enjoying it all.

But now it is a new year, a clean slate... a time for changes and resolutions.

Each January i pick a word...One Little Word...that i hope inspires me throughout the year.  Last year  my word was Dream....and dream i did!  It was wonderful to get wrapped up in my daydreams and some of them even came true!  

After much thought, i chose my word for 2013...Savour...
n. a distinctive quality or sensation    v. to appreciate fully; to enjoy and relish

This one little word, Savour, makes my heart sing...it will become my word of 2013. And yes...i am going to spell it with a "u"...  
Too many times i find myself getting wrapped up in the daily house chores...the errands, the cleaning, the cooking, the caregiving....
But with this one little word...Savour...i hope to enjoy  and  fully appreciate all the the things that make up my days.  Not only the big moments in life...the vacations, the celebrations, the achievements...
but more importantly, the small details that make life so wonderful.  
2013 will be my year to slow down...enjoy...relish...savour all life has to offer.

Have you picked your One Little Word for 2013?....i hope so.  If not, i hope you think about it....
 Ali Edwards offers a wonderful "one little word" e~class that inspires and motivates all thru the year. You can find out more about it here.  I promise that you will find it so rewarding!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Nancy, love your word a Happy New Year to you...

  2. Excellent word Nancy. I was not going to sign up for the class but i think I am changing my mind.

  3. Wonderful word! That is kind of the theme behind Ann Voskamp's blog www.oneholyexperience.com and her One Thousand Gifts best-selling book. I love your post...will be writing mine today. Happy New Year...glad we'll traveling through 2013 together! Much love!

  4. Great word, and I had been missing your posts...

  5. Great choice to set your intention for the year!

  6. I love your word Nancy, and I love that you are spelling it with a "u". Life is about slowing down and savouring what we have.

  7. Looking forward to many moments to savour in 2013!

  8. Great word...I haven't heard anybody using that one. Good for you. Mine is simple..."NEW" as in new beginnings:)


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